Why the ConciergeCare, ℠ Approach?

So many companies offering services to seniors and the housebound focus on the physical needs of the client, such as light housekeeping or personal care. At ConciergeCare, Inc. we focus on the whole person and providing the opportunities to live a life as close to normal as possible, whether it involves physical, social, or spiritual needs. We provide a personal concierge that will work with each client and their family to put together a plan and implementation of that plan to see that the daily life of the client is not only comfortable but also personally fulfilling. ConciergeCare℠ approach allows respite for care-givers and is designed to mitigate the loneliness and isolation of aging, disability, or serious illness while struggling to remain living independently for as long as possible in conditions that are comfortable and stress-free.

Our Company Mission

Life and work, for some it is drudgery, for others it is passion.  For us at ConciergeCare, Inc.℠, we believe everyone is entitled to a little joy in life, and a lot of help realizing that joy, no matter one’s circumstances. That is our life’s work.  Our niche in the universe of providing services for others grew out of a passion shared by our founders who spent their careers in human service industries.

Wanting to bring joy to others springs from an inner drive to share enjoyment of the most mundane of life’s daily activities whether housebound and recuperating from surgery or trauma, or gently succumbing to aging’s embrace.  After a full assessment of needs and wants, our concierge service takes over with a personalized care plan focused on the comfort and safety of our client consumer and taking an uncomfortable burden off the shoulders of the family who often do not know where to turn or what to do.

At ConciergeCare, Inc., we provide services ranging from case management and advocacy in residential or healthcare environments, to companionship via daily or weekly phone chats or home visits with a friendly concierge, to classic concierge services sourcing and arranging a variety of other goods and services that allow the individual or couple to continue living independently in the home they know best.

Meet Our Team

Hannah Rues
Hannah RuesFounder

Founder Hannah Rues has spent a lifetime caring and serving people with a focus on Seniors. Growing up she was involved in caring for aging family members. At 16 her first job was working at a nursing facility planning activities for and with seniors. She earned a dual degree in Social Work and Gerontology in college following with an internship in the Agency in Aging organization. She has continued to work and volunteer in this field. Starting ConciergeCare, Inc. is a natural progression in this drive to help seniors and their families with the very best non-medical care to enhance their lives.

At ConciergeCare, Inc. we are committed to providing extraordinary services for seniors and their families. This means being the providers of personalized services to ensure that seniors can continue to have amazing lives in their own homes, as well as essential services that secure this ability. This also means assisting those seniors who reside in nursing and assisted living facilities to continue to have the quality experience they deserve.